13. februar

13. februar 2023

Mandag kl. 18.00 – 21.00

Workshop lokation
Online gennem zoom link
50 kr.

Masterclass with playwright Chris Thorpe

We all put ourselves into our work in some way – it could be our individual voice as a writer, or a specific experience or story from our lives we want to tell. Maybe even something we’ve done on purpose to make a show about it…

This workshop/conversation will explore how we can usefully do those things in our work. The workshop will touch on autobiography, research, and how we tell stories about ourselves without making it all about ourselves.

The MASTERCLASS is for writers, writer/performers, makers, and anyone else who is interested.

Chris Thorpe is a writer and performer from Manchester.

The workshop will be held in English. It will be online on monday 13. february from 6pm to 9pm and a zoom link will be made available later on. 
The price is 50 kr. unless you are on the course DramatikerLab.