with Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard

How to live a happy life

September 12

September 12 2023

In English: September 12 from 7pm – 9.30pm

Teater Katapult

295 kr.

This event is unfortunately cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
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Create your life with conscious life Leadership

“Thank you so much for a fantastic evening. Vibeke – you were magical, energetic and absolutely wonderful” – Louise Andersen, DANVA

If you go through life without experiencing its full depth – then you are wasting it.

If you go through life without experiencing its full depth – then you are wasting it.
Don’t miss out on hearing researcher, sociologist and spiritual advisor Vibeke Vad
Baunsgaard, PhD. tell how, with conscious life leadership, you can organize your life with greater direction, meaning and happiness.

Be Authentic, Aware and Draw on Multiple Intelligences

Conscious life leadership invites to gain deep insight into the self, other people, and the surrounding world. The result is good judgment adapted to you, other people and situations. With the combination of deeper insights and data – from both your inner and outer world, you learn to navigate relationships and the outside world with previously
unknown ease.

During this lively talk you will learn the most important steps in becoming a conscious life leader. We will talk about the following and much more:
• Know your core values so you can live authentically
• Match your goals with ‘who you are’
• Be in touch with your inner Being
• Let go of old energy and stress
• Learn to change your ‘state’
• Be mindful and present in the ‘now’ – the only moment there is!
• Feel the power and importance of meditative exercises

About Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard, PhD

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is Directing Manager and editor-in-chief at ManageMagazine – a global online magazine about leadership and management. She is a sociologist and PhD. in organizational studies and has through six years been an honorary research associate at the University of Technology, Sydney.

In addition, Vibeke does speaking events, workshops and courses on topics such as
collaboration, cross-departmental collaboration, building great relationships, and conscious life leadership. Moreover, she advises employees, managers, executives and boards on strategy, leadership & management, cross-functional collaboration, communication, conscious life leadership and more. Finally, she is also a spiritual advisor and guides individuals and organizations in meditation and attaining higher levels of awareness.

See more about Vibeke here. And contact her on 5059 5013 or vibeke@vibekebaunsgaard.com for any questions.

“Vibeke is a present and exuberant speaker who knows how to capture participants with her extensive knowledge of conscious life leadership while also engaging participants all along. I have been given some tangible tools on how to become more satisfied and happy in my daily life and life in general” – Sarah Danmark – Ladies Circle Aarhus